About Us

Happy Jack Brahman Stud is owned by Mick and Trish Sharry along with our daughters Hannah and Sophie. We are located approximately 30km south of Gympie.

Our aim is to produce high quality cattle which are a pleasure to work with and deliver consistent, superior returns for our clients.

Good natural temperament is a cornerstone of our breeding.

The financial benefits of polled cattle are clear and we believe will become even stronger going forward, so breeding polled animals is a priority for us. A focus on retaining good bone and strong, even muscling in polled animals is critical to ensuring those financial benefits are maximised.

Having calves on the ground which feed easily, receive good volumes of rich milk and are nurtured by their dam are the foundation of any profitable commercial or stud business. Fertility, structure, excellent udders and strong maternal instincts are therefore highly valued in our breeding.

To achieve this, we have carefully selected breeders by dependable, high-quality sires such as Fairy Springs Rio Zebo, Rockley 957 and Mt Callan Hot Shot.

Our breeding builds on this depth of pedigree providing confidence in the animals we produce.

NEWS - After a very successful RBWS last year with the sale of our 2 bulls HJ Zebo Bravo for $36,000 and HJ Hot Zebo for $9,000, we are happy to see some gorgeous first calves arrivingby HJ Hot Zebo.